Swingivity | West Coast Swing Wellness Event | 13th-15th August 2021

It is with great sadness that we have decided to postpone the 2020 launch of Swingivity until such a time that we can all feel confident about coming out of our homes and dancing with the community of people that we miss so much.  

We are in discussion with the Hotel and other events about when best to schedule Swingivity 2021 and will update you as soon as we have confirmed the date.

We have sent out an email to all those that have booked, contact us if you did not receive the email.

See you soon, 
Lee, Fab & Natalie


Swingivity is an exciting new West Coast Swing Wellness event, integrating mental and physical wellness with WCS social dancing and workshops. We already know dance is incredible for reducing stress, improving mood, memory and bringing
communities together. With an ever-increasing focus in daily life on reducing stress, improving health and encouraging new ways to increase our wellness, what better way to support this than through our dance community?

Held at the Northampton Hilton Hotel just a few minutes from J15 of the M1. This is a fantastic central location for the event. The hotel has spacious well lit bedrooms and there is a fantastic fitness and leisure area for you to relax within and enjoy.

Throughout the event our Instructors, Therapists, Counsellors, Coaches,
Nutritionists and Healers will share their experiences, wisdom and expertise in a series of fun, interactive workshops, classes and one to one sessions. Our aim is to not just provide you with unforgettable dance classes and social dancing, but to provide you with the tools to becoming a happier, healthier, empowered West Coast Swing human.


Connection. So vital in our dance. Connection to the music, the movement, the structure of the dance, our partners and ourselves. Mastering West Coast Swing helps us develop powerful non-verbal communication skills that can make for brilliant connections with our dance partners.  Learning to communicate better in West Coast Swing can guide us into having better communications as people in our relationships, families and social circles.


Learning how to get creative with your WCS means pushing the boundaries of your knowledge and abilities but at the same time solidifying your basic concepts and techniques.  Can you see the duality of the paradigm here? The more you learn, the more that you realise that you have hardly learnt anything at all? That can be the most fun part of it all. The learning, the growth! Plus the fact that we get to choose how we accept, process and implement the information as we develop our own unique, individual style.


3 nights of social dancing as late as you would like to go.  We feel it’s important to get proper amounts of rest to help for better cognitive function so that you might take a grasp of your lessons and experiences more fully. But if you get up late and stay up late then we have ‘got you’ too!

We have 2 main workshop spaces and an additional 5 treatment rooms for you to take 1-2-1 seasons with any of our Instructors, Therapists, Counsellors and Healers if you would like a more personalised approach to the information and advice they have to offer.

Join us for a weekend of exploring how to align your mental and physical health with growth and development within your West Coast Swing dancing.

Our ambition

Is to increase wellness within the lives of our existing WCS dancers and to also try to increase awareness of WCS to the wellness community.  We truly hope to help change peoples lives for the better through these events.

We plan to expand the Swingivity events to the entire world to so that the entire WCS community can benefit from better support aims to improve there own Wellness.

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Free WCS lessons from EastonSwing

We are planning a Level 1 track at Swingivity for brand new WCS dancers to join the weekend, at least in part.  Get a head start by taking advantage of a free WCS lesson series from www.EastonSwing.com.