Meet The Team

Our wellness professionals are well known WCS dancers who dedicate their vocational lives to improving wellness for hundreds of people a year. They are passionate, friendly and cannot wait to help you find the best way to be a happier healthier dancer.

You’re encouraged to reach out to our Staff before, during and after the event.  We will be posting links for booking sessions with our team, closer to the date, but for now, here’s a little more about them…..

Physical Wellbeing

Silvester, Nutritionist

Lambourn, England

Sam is a registered Nutritionist who has been practicing health and well-being for over 10 years.

She specialises in weight loss, autoimmune conditions, and digestive disorders, but sees people about a variety of health conditions. She uses a functional approach that uses a client’s health history, dietary intake, lifestyle, and laboratory testing (where appropriate) to address the root problem rather than the symptoms. This enables her to make an individualised plan her client to fit their health history, lifestyle, and food preferences.

“With weight loss I believe in a way of eating forever, rather than ‘dieting’ and look to address the main reasons why weight has become an issue, to bring about lasting changes and a healthier relationship with food. Fuelling the right way before sport and dance can provide sustained energy and clearer thinking. As well as addressing food, I am passionate about living a more natural life that incorporates daily movement, sunlight, nature, and meditation to facilitate the body’s own healing and bring a sense of inner health, peace, and happiness.”

Sam with be giving talks on subjects such as: Eat To Beat Fatigue, Essential Wellness, and Eat To Beat Stress. She will also offer four slots per day for 1:1 consultations (two slots on Friday). One to one consultation uses details from a client’s history to put together an individual plan based on their needs. Sam also offers a General Health and Nutrition MOT which assesses nutrient needs and lifestyle shortfalls. Fees are usually £70 for an initial consultation, but at the event, they will be……

Please feel free to contact Sam directly on:

Twitter: @samsnutrition  Insta: @whatseatingyounutrition  FB:

Mandy Henderson, Pilates

Bournemouth, England

Mandy’s love of dance started at the age of ten, and she was soon performing in cabarets, pantomimes, and on cruise ships around the world. After a decade, she took leave from professional dancing to dedicate years to becoming a Detective Constable in the Met Police; yet she still found time to fall in love with social dancing via Ceroc, salsa, jive, Argentine tango, and finally West Coast Swing (WCS). Mandy feels dance has become a vital part of her self-expression and growth. She has worked hard to develop her local WCS community through teaching classes and running freestyles. Working across a wide range of clients – from ballet dancers to public group classes and focused 1:1 work – Mandy’s passion for ensuring we connect to, understand, and maintain our bodies shines through.

In 2000, Mandy decided to re-train as a Pilates instructor so that her career was once again aligned to her passion. If you want to release those aches and pains, understand your body in greater depth and progress your recovery and dance technique, don’t miss out on Mandy’s workshop this weekend. In addition to her Pilates workshop, Mandy is also offering 1:1 (£30) or 2:1 (£40) sessions across the weekend.

For more information, please contact Mandy directly on;

Diane James, Strength & Fitness

London, England

Diane has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 22 years. She loves fitness, for her own health and for helping others reach their goals. She works both through Facebook with closed accountability groups and with a multi-billion company that provides on-line workouts, full nutritional plans, and pre/post-workout performance ranges.

Diane seeks to help people to get either fit or get back into shape with a full workout plan ranging from 21 days through to 100 days, with nutritional plans (as mentioned above), methods ranging from yoga to HIIT, and access to a closed Facebook group she runs where she can keep the motivation going.

On the event weekend she plans to offer a live class consisting of 30 minutes of one of her programmes so attendees can get a feel of what the programmes are like, as well as demonstrating some of her online workouts to demonstrate what potential members would receive, and some samples of the products she uses to maximise workouts.

Insta: @dianejames3253   FB: @diane james

Natalie Furness, Physiotherapist & Massage

London, England

Natalie is a registered Physiotherapist and will be taking a workshop on preventing and supporting injuries and taking 1:1 clients throughout the weekend.

Further information to follow.

Mental Wellbeing

Natalie Lockyer, Leadership & Mindset Coach

Oxford, England

Despite being introduced to dance from a young age, through ballet at 5 and tap at 10, Natalie never really felt connected to dancing until later in life. In fact, mild dyspraxia, no 3D vision and an ability to fall over her own shadow had made every single PE class in school and sports in general, something she dreaded.

That was until one taster class in Jiujitsu when she was 15.  Jitsu taught Natalie growth mindset, resilience, and confidence that she had never had. By the time she had left university Natalie was teaching her own club and training others to become instructors. Her experiences in the Dojo (training room) led to a fascination for our ability to adapt grow and discover strengths within us that we never knew were there.

This confidence and mindset freed Natalie to be brave and learn Ballroom and Latin, Ceroc and eventually, West Coast Swing.

From over 10 years of working in the pharmaceutical industry, seeing how mindset alone could change the treatment outcome for a patient, Natalie became ever more convinced of the power of our thoughts and beliefs.

Now a qualified coach, Natale will be bringing us workshops on mindset and confidence, to help you know how to enjoy every step of your dance journey to the fullest of your potential.

Natalie will also be offering 30 minute purpose and values discovery sessions at £20 and 60 minute in depth coaching sessions on a focused topic of your choice (dance or personal) for £40 throughout the weekend.

Insta: @natalie_lockyer_coaching FB: @Natalielockyercoaching